Our Story

Two Simple Facts

There are two simple facts about print photographs.

  1. They Don't Last
  2. We Rarely Use Them

It's because of this that owner and founder, Shawn Henley, started Nashtucky Photobox in late 2008. Like the majority of people, we stumble upon old print photos that we have forgotton about only once or twice a year, when it's time for a little spring cleaning. And again, just like everyone else, we are transformed by the power of a photograph. It's a shame that these moments only occur once or twice a year, and for this reason, we have set out to help make a change.

Our Philosophy

Our main focus at Nashtucky Photobox is simple - Give people the ability to be able to enjoy their photos and be trasformed everyday. We believe prints are useless unless used, and have developed the philosophy that "Prints are Overrated." Now don't take this the wrong way. In special situations, such as family portraits or old heirloom photographs, we believe there is a certain nostalgia and beauty to having a print for display. It's just the hundreds and thousands of other photos we are concerned about.

Our Services

Today's Technologies provide us with numerous ways to be able to enjoy and use our photos each day. Through social media, email, sites like Facebook, Flickr, and our all time favorite - Wifi Digital Frames, we can freely display and discover our photos everyday. Scanning and converting your own prints can be a bit of a headache and a time consumer though, and the results are somewhat unsatisfying. This is where we come into the picture. We offer photo scanning services with enhancements that capture your photos in a way you never thought possible on your own. Each photo is hand corrected, tagged, and organized to allow you to enjoy your photos at their fullest. Along with photo scanning and archiving, we also provide slideshow and montage movie creation, and a full line of restoration services to repair damaged photographs.

So go ahead - dig up all of your old prints, be transformed, and get ready to experience your photos now more than ever.

Shawn Henley, owner and founder of Nashtucky Photobox, LLC in Nashville, TN
Shawn Henley, Owner & Founder

Shawn Henley, Founder and Owner of Nashtucky Photobox, LLC - Nashville, TN
Shawn Henley - Owner & Founder
Shawn Henley is a native of Wooster, OH and has been living in Nashville, TN since 2005. He studied business administration at Malone College and later received formal education from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Digital Imaging and Web Development.
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Watch a Video and See how we correct and enhance each photo
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Watch a Video and See how we correct and enhance each photo
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