Photo Enhancements

photo restoration using Adobe Photoshop by hand

Photo enhancements are just one way that we strive to give the best possible service to our customers. Each scan is hand made by our image professionals, using Adobe Photoshop. We don't use a bulk machine that applies corrections, instead each one of your photos is reviewed and corrected by hand.

Photo enhancements we offer:

  • Crop & Rotation
  • Color Correction
  • Red-Eye Removal
  • Sharpening
  • Minor Dust & Scratch Removal (High End Scanning only)
  • Mid Tone Color Correction (High End Scanning only)

Watch a video on standard photo scanning Standard Photo Scanning → See a short video on how we correct your photos

Watch a video on high end photo scanning High End Photo Scanning → See a short video on how we correct your photos

Color Correction

Photo Restoration - Before and After Color Adjustment

Photo Restoration - Before and After Color Correction on a black and white, yellow stained photograph

We Color Correct by the Numbers

The most common color cast seen in old color photographs is a red or yellowish cast. It occurs many times because as photos age, the cyan dye in the photo fades almost completely away. This is why you see a reddish cast to the photo. While there are many ways to color correct a photo, many being subjective, we color correct by the numbers -

  • First we remove any cast in the blacks, making them neutralColor Correction by neutralizing black, white, and neutral midtones
  • Second we neutralize the whitest pure whites in the photo
  • Third we snap any neutral midtones to gray (High End Scanning only)

Color correction done this way by nuetralizing the blacks, whites, and grays, fixes the color cast most of the time. Also, adjusting color this way leaves less room for any errors such as - a computer monitor not displaying color correctly, our eyes not seeing the correct color some days, or even personal preference on how color should appear. On top of fixing color cast issues, we also remove the yellowish stains that appear on older black and white photographs.

For severely faded and color stained photos, we provide digital restoration.

See More Color Correction examples

→ If you are having trouble viewing the examples, see our example page

Minor Dust & Sratch Removal (High End Scanning Only)

Photo Restoration - Before and After Dust and scratch removal

The Cause of Dust

When looking at a photograph, chances are you won't see a major dust problem until you attempt to scan the photo. Scanners capture so much data (data that is difficult to see with the naked eye) that it actually enhances imperfections such as dust. If your photos were kept in one of those pesky sticky albums, the gummy residue will hold on to the dust even more.

The Cure for a Dust Problem

  • First, we remove dust by air cleaning the photo with pressurized air
  • Second, we use a static free soft brush to clean the photograph
  • Third, we digitally remove stubborn pieces of dust that have managed to remain on the photo using special software

Using these safe, dry techniques remove the majority of dust problems. Although we have the option of using emulsion cleaner to help aid with dust and residue removal, we choose not to use them. There are instances when the cleaner can actually "erase" parts of an older photograph. We do not want to risk damaging an irreplaceable original.


Photo Restoration - Sharpen photos to improve clarity

Why Sharpen a Photograph

Photo Enhancements - we sharpen each individual photoIf you have ever scanned your own photos, you we may have noticed the digital version appearing to be slightly blurry. This is another side effect of the scanning process. After we perform the color correction, dust removal, and the rest of our photo enhancements, we apply sharpening to each individual photograph to help bring back some of the original detail in the contrast areas. The example above is slightly exaggerated to show the effect that sharpening has on photos.

Red-Eye Removal

Photo Restoration - before and after red-eye removal

Where Does Red Eye Come From

We have all seen this strange occurrence when we look at photos that were taken at night with the flash from our cameras. It is a bit of an annoyance and at the same time odd why this happens. By the way our eyes are constructed, in dark lighting situations our pupils enlarge to allow more light to our eyes in order to see better. When the extreme bright light from the flash onboard our camera goes off, the light is bright enough to cause a reflection off of our retina. The red color we see happens to be the blood vessels inside our eyes.

Crop & Rotate

Border is cropped and photo is rotated to proper direction

Note: Results may vary depending on how the original photograph was taken including photos that are out of focus or have poor lighting and exposure conditions. For photos that require heavy restoration and repair, visit our restoration page or call us at (615) 562-0979.

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