Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions we frequently receive from our first time customers about our process, technical details, and our company. Visit the various sections below to find the answers to the most common questions.

If you can not find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at (615) 562-0979 or send us an email at


General FAQs

  1. Why not scan my photos myself?

    The process of scanning photos can be a very time consuming task. If you are just scanning a few pictures, then doing it yourself can be fairly easy. But when it comes to scanning a mass quantity of photos, it becomes nearly impossible to do on your own, unless you have many hours to spare and the right equipment. The Nashtucky Photobox staff combines their digital photo knowledge with the industry's top rated scanning equipment and software to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. When it comes to preserving your priceless memories, we believe it should be done right the first time.

    For example - if you wanted to scan only 250 photos on your own it would cost you:

    • Roughly 20 to 25 hours of your time (an entire month if you spent an hour per day)
    • $150 to $250 for a high quality, photo dedicated scanner like the Epson 4490 or v500


    If you allowed Nashtucky Photobox to do the work for you:

    • 0 hours of you time
    • $58 for 250 photos
    • Color Correction, Red-Eye Removal, Sharpening, and more
    • Your digital photos organized with folders and keyword tags
    • Your photos personally picked up and delivered to your doorstep
    • Your photos uploaded online for safekeeping

    That means for the price of the scanner alone, you can have over 1000 photos preserved and optimized by Nashtucky Photobox.

  2. Why scan and digitalize my photos?

    Remember the time your children took their first steps, or maybe that breath taking photo you took on your honey moon, or maybe the time you and your friends drove out west for the first time? Your photos create memories that are priceless and unforgotten. Unfortunately, your print photographs don't last as long. Paper photographs fade and age with time. They become brittle and develop a discoloration that eventually ruins your photos. By scanning and converting your print photos into digital images, you are benefited in two ways. First, having a copy of your photos on DVD or CD as well as having them backed up online literally allows your printed photos to be preserved forever. Second, by having a digital copy of your print photos lets you begin to use and enjoy them in many more ways than were ever possible before. Now you can share your digital images through email, make reprints and enlargements, create slideshows, and make custom photobooks and gifts for special occasions.

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Scanning FAQs

  1. What is PPI? Which resolution is right for me?

    PPI stands for pixels per inch or sometimes referred to as dots for inch (dpi). PPI refers to the resolution, accuracy, sharpness, and clarity of a digital image. The common thought on PPI is that the higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image is - this is not always true. When it comes to printing photos, printers will normally print between 150 dpi and 300 dpi. Scanning your photos at a higher resolution can sometimes damage the quality because the scanning resolution is much higher than the original printed photograph. Using a higher PPI this way would then start to pick up on small defects and imperfections on the photo. This is why we recommend scanning at 300 PPI. The quality is perfect for viewing and sharing on the computer, as well as printing a high quality photo at its original size. We offer 600 PPI because it is a good resolution if you plan on making enlargements. Generally speaking, you will be able to enlarge a photo to twice its original size scanning at 600 PPI. All of our photo scanning services include: color adjustment, crop and rotate, dust and scratch removal, and red-eye removal free of charge. See examples of 300ppi and 600ppi

  2. Can I enlarge my photos and make prints?

    Yes you can. Using our 300 PPI scanning services you can make high quality prints as large as the original. If you plan on making enlargements, we recommend you use our 600 PPI scanning services. At 600 PPI you can enlarge and reprint a photo up to at least twice the original size. Many of our customers will choose our 300 PPI scanning service and then pick their favorite photos to be scanned at 600 PPI for future enlargements.

  3. Should I store my digital photos on CD or DVD?

    We recommend choosing DVDs for storing your digital photos, as long as your computer has a DVD drive. DVD's can store 6 to 7 times more photos than a CD can. As an example, (1) CD can roughly hold around 250 photos scanned at 300 ppi. Using (1) DVD you can store around 1700 photos scanned at 300 ppi. Nashtucky Photobox includes one set of discs in every order. You may also order additional sets for: CDs - $4.95 and DVDs - $6.95.

  4. Can I view my photos on my DVD player?

    If you have a DVD player that is JPEG compatible, then you can enjoy and view your digital photos right on your television through your DVD player. Many newer players today have a slideshow feature that allows you to browse through the DVD as if it was on your computer. The easiest way to tell if you DVD player has this capability is to look for the "JPG" or "JPEG" symbol on the face of your DVD player. Your owners manual would also be able to tell you if you have this feature by looking under the video formats supported section in your owners manual. The DVD discs you receive from us are meant to be used on your computer, as many DVD players still do not have this technology yet. If you still would like to be able to view your photos on your television, we offer "slideshow movies" that are formatted to be used on almost all DVD players. For more information, visit our Slideshow Movie Page.

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Slideshow Movie FAQs

  1. Do Slideshow Movies include photo scanning?

    Slideshow Movies are an additional service created from either a photo scanning order or from digital photos you provide us. The slideshow movie pricing includes work performed on 250 photos with soft fade transitions, scene selection, and a chapter menu. You have the option of adding music from cds you own or you can have us download them for you. See our slideshow movie page to watch example clips of slideshow movies we have created.

  2. How long do the movies last?

    We found that 6 seconds per image including the fade transition is the smoothest and most natural timing for your images. As an example, a slideshow movie with 250 photos would last approxamately 20 to 25 minutes. If you are using your slideshow movie for a special occasion such as a wedding reception and need the movie to be shortened, please let us know.

  3. Can my Slideshow Movie have more than 250 photos?

    Your Slideshow Movie can have up to 1000 photos in order to fit onto one DVD disc. By default our slideshow movies are set at 250 photos because that seems to be the most popular length, especially for wedding receptions. After the included 250 photos, each photo costs just $0.19.

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Organizing FAQs

  1. How do you organize my photos after they are digitalized?

    We organize your new digital images in two ways. First, we create an unlimited number of folders with names that you provide us. For example, you might have 50 images that you have labeled "Hawaii Trip". We would create a folder and name it "Hawaii Trip". Also, each photo in the "Hawaii Trip" folder would also be labeled with "Hawaii Trip" (Hawaii_Trip_001, Hawaii_Trip_002, Hawaii_Trip_003).

    The second way we organinze your photos for you is through the use of "Embedded Tags". Tags or keywords are simply descriptive information that can be attached and saved into any digital file. This allows you to be able to find photos in the future without searching through all of your photos. You just simply type "Hawaii Trip", and all of your photos that have those "Tags or Keywords" embedded in them will appear on you computer. This is the most efficient way of organizing digital photographs today and saves you time and the headache of searching through countless folders.

  2. What if I don't have time to arrange and group my photos before you scan them?

    Don't worry if you don't have time to sort through your photos to group them. We will label the photos using your last name (Henley_001, Henley_002, etc.) After we digitalize your photos, we will show you the easiest and quickest way to label and organize them on your computer when you do have the time. There is nothing more frustrating then spending time on the computer searching for a particular photo. We want to make sure this doesn't happen to you and are here to help you every step of the way, if you are unable to sort through your photos ahead of time. If you do not already have a photo organizing program on your computer, we have links on our site to direct you to the right places to get one. We recommend Google Picasa and Kodak Easy Share- both are free, extremely simple to use, and packed with powerful tools to help you stay organized.

  3. How should I group my photos?

    There are a couple of easy ways for you to sort and group your photos. Large zip lock baggies or large envelopes work great for seperating your photos. Simply group your photos how you would like them organized and label the baggie with a marker or with a slip of paper that has the group name written on it. Another way to group your photos is by using sheets of paper and rubber bands. After you have your groups seperated, take a sheet of paper and carefully wrap it around your stack of photos. You can hold each stack together with rubber bands. Just make sure you label each stack with a group name. After we scan your photos and digitally optimize them, we will create folders and name each photo according to your group names. We also embedd keyword tags into each photo so you can start enjoying your photos instead of searching for them. See our organizing page for more information on how we organize your photos after they are scanned and enhanced.

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Online Storage FAQs

  1. What if I already have online photo storage somewhere else?

    We understand quite a few people today already have their own online photo storage accounts. If you have online storage with someone else, we will still be more than happy to upload your new photos to your account for you. At the time of pick up, let us know where you have your online storage and your login details. After we scan and digitally optimize your photos, we will upload them to your account for free. Once your photos are uploaded, we discard and shred your log in details. Even though we never keep this information, we still recommend changing your password later.

  2. Will the online storage cost me anything?

    We recommend Kodak Gallery and Snapfish by HP. These are two of the leading online photo storage services today. These services include unlimited storage and the ability to order new prints and gifts. Each online storage provider has different features and terms. Some require a yearly purchase, while others have no purchase requirements at all. Getting started, these services are free. For more information about how these services work, check out their websites - Kodak Gallery and Snapfish.

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Orders and Turnaround Time FAQs

  1. How long does the scanning process take?

    We understand the value and importance you place on your photos and therefore strive to keep your wait time to a minimum. Our goal and current turnaround time is 5 days - from the day we pick your photos up, until the day we return them to you.

  2. How much does this cost me, and when do I get billed?

    Please visit our pricing page for a detailed listing of all our services and their prices. Once you place an order with us, you will be contacted within 24 hours from a member of our staff to schedule a pick up day and time. After your photos are picked up, they are taken to our office and prepared for scanning. Once your photos are completed and a final digital count is made, an invoice is emailed to you, where you make your payment. We use PayPal, the safest way to pay online, for processing your payment. Once we receive notification of your payment, you will be contacted for a delivery time. Your original print photos are then returned to you with your new digital copies.

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Pick Up and Delivery FAQs

  1. What areas do you offer pick up and delivery?

    Right now we offer complimentary pick up and delivery in the Davidson, Wilson, and Williamson Counties of Tennessee. We want to make it as convenient and simple as possible for our customers and will make pick ups and deliveries to homes or work. For those that live outside of our service areas but would like to be able to take advantage of our photo scanning services, may ship their photos to us.

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