Slideshow Movies

Your Photos Become a Slideshow Movie

A Slideshow Movie DVD is different than the DVD we store your scanned photos on. Most DVD players cannot read these image files. By having a slideshow movie created, we are able to take your photos and make a movie out of them adding fading effects, panning, and music. The end result is a DVD that you can watch and enjoy on your television.

There are a few example clips of slideshows to the right

Slideshow Movies are a Popular Gift for Special Occations

Many of our customers order a slideshow movie to share with family and friends. It makes a perfect gift for many occasions including:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Many other special occasions

What is Included? :

  • Soft fade in/out transitions for 250 photos - see example
  • Chapter Menu - see example
    • Can be animated or still
    • Personalized movie title
    • Play and Scene navigation buttons
  • Scene Selection - ability to navigate to different parts of the movie by selecting scenes from the main menu - see example
  • DVD with case
  • Ability to customize with music, titles, and zoom/pan effects

Personalize Your Movie with Additional Services

  • Custom title slides - use these for labeling special photos or scenes
  • Add music from your own CDs or have us download them for you
  • Motion Effects - we add zoom and pan effects based on each photo and style of music - see example
  • Extra copies of your movie to share with family and friends

What is the Process for Slideshow Movies?

  1. The first thing you need to consider is what type of photos you will be using. You may choose one of our photo scanning services or, if you already have digital photos you can use those as well (We recommend your digital photos be at least a 720 x 480 resolution). Some customers even choose a mix of both. They have us scan and digitalize their old photos, and then give us some newer digital photos to mix in. This is extremely popular for showing a timeline of the bride and groom at a wedding reception.
  2. Decide how many photos you want your movie to have. Keep in mind all of our slideshow movie services already come with soft fade transitions, chapter menu, and scene selection pages for up to 250 photos. You can customize your movie by adding your own music selections, custom titles, and other motion effects like panning and zooming.
  3. You will need to group your photos in the order you would like them to appear in the movie, and also give each group titles if you are adding that option. If you are using your own digital photos as well, label and save each photo in the order you would like to have them appear - 1, 2 ,3, etc.
  4. Download the Slideshow Form where you can specify details for your movie like music, titles, and if there is a theme to the movie - wedding, birthday, etc.

Slideshow Movie Pricing

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